Helping YOU Heal Center


Collective Energy Healing!

Wednesday, November 15th

Appointments scheduled between 4pm and 8pm

Give your energy a Boost with a Collective Energy Healing

Each healing session includes multiple Healers working together with one client, making it a truly unique and powerful experience!

Collective Energy Healing Session / $60

Contact the Helping YOU Heal Center today to reserve your Collective Energy Healing Session on November 15th!


Reflexology by Lynne!

Thursday, November 16th

Reflexologist Lynne Mayfield is returning to Stillwater offering One Hour Reflexology Sessions throughout the day at the Helping YOU Heal Center!

One Hour Reflexology Session / $65

Contact the Helping YOU Heal Center today to reserve your Reflexology Session with Lynne on November 16th!


Intuitive Development Classes at the Helping YOU Heal Center:

Intuitive Development Classes are held from 5:30pm to 7:00pm on Thursday evenings ~ please join us!

New Richmond Community Education Classes:

New session begins on 12/4/17!

“Developing Your Intuition & Listening to Your Inner Guidance” is held on Monday evenings from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in the Media Center at New Richmond Middle School in New Richmond, WI.

( all sessions are 4 weeks ~ to register, contact: )


Gift Cards from the Helping YOU Heal Center…


The perfect gift giving solution for any occasion!

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The Only Real Valuable Thing is your Intuition….

It is the Gateway into your Self.

Excel to the Advanced Levels and continue to Awaken your Inner Knowing.

Through the pages of this site you will learn about the many services offered at the Helping YOU Heal Center of Stillwater.  Annette also meets with clients throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Schedule an appointment and feel how these services will improve your life!