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What Color is YOUR Aura?!

Knowing your Aura colors is one of the most powerful tools in understanding your personality traits, relationships and for self discovery.  Getting to know this awesome tool can help you with positive personal growth, career choices and remarkable insight regarding your true life purpose.


Our Digital Aura and Chakra Imaging System allows you to see your energy field displayed in color on a computer screen before your photo is captured and a report of the true meaning of your energy field is printed out.  In the multi-page report, you will learn about the specific color and energy frequencies in your Aura and what they say about you.

» Aura Photo:

The Aura Photo option is a 2-3 page report that includes a beautiful photo of your personal energy field and the description of what your specific colors say about you and what you display to the world.  (Aura Report ~ $25)

» Aura Photo and Chakra Image:

The Aura Photo and Chakra Image option is approximately 18 pages of detailed information about your Aura and each of your 7 energy wheels (Chakras) that reveal the levels of energy in which you bask.  This report shows the energy that you create, your personal power, your strengths and areas of weakness.  The interpretations of your energy field should provide insight into how you can become better balanced and generate excitement about who you really are.  (Aura/Chakra Report ~ $40)

To discover your true color, schedule an Aura Reading with Annette at the Helping YOU Heal Center and see for yourself what your Aura Colors say about you and what you display to the world!

Click here to request an appointment with Annette or call 651-247-9719.

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Annette also participates in many Holistic, Psychic and Wellness Expos throughout the year, providing Aura Photos and Chakra Imaging at her booth, Aura Photo’s by Annette! Check out our Expos and Events page for a listing of specific dates and locations!