Personal Healing with Annette

Annette is trained in the following modalities to help relieve the stresses of everyday life:

  • AnnetteMaster Intuitive
  • Healing Practitioner
  • Energy Clearer
  • Master Crystalogist
  • Qi Gong Practitioner
  • Colorstrology
  • Aura Photography and Chakra Imaging
  • Ghost Busting
  • Intuitive Development Instructor
  • Past Life Regressions and Life’s Progressions Sessions

If you ever feel disconnected from yourself; feel emotionally overloaded or drained; or if your body has pain for no apparent reason, schedule an appointment for a healing session with Annette.  Healing sessions address the energy blockages that occur in the chakras creating these and many other symptoms.  The changes you will experience from a healing session will be beneficial to your overall health and purpose in life.

  • 1 hour session ~ $125.
  • 1/2 hour session ~ $75.

Click here to schedule an appointment with Annette or call 651-247-9719.