Healing Revelations

Meet Sandy Vandenberg of Healing Revelations!

Sandy is a Master Bio-energy Healing Practitioner and Intuitive, as well as, a certified Integrative Wellness and Life coach. She offers Healing Sessions working with the hara, chakras, and auric field, using various hands on techniques to balance, clear, repair, and re-charge the human bio-energy field. Sandy works with clients holistically to gain wholeness, health, and balance in all areas of their lives and assists in the empowerment of her clients to make positive change in their lives.

To schedule an appointment with Sandy, please contact her by phone 651-367 4655 or email sandy@healingrevelationsmn.com.

Check out Sandy’s web site, www.healingrevelationsmn.com, to learn more about her bio-energy work and wellness coaching!